Sunday, November 3, 2013

My dragon

I'm proud of this one because it is my own original design and because I have gotten such great feedback on it. There is a Facebook group for face painters that hosts monthly challenges. There are actually quite a few places on the internet that have face painter contests or challenges. This one was for a detailed work like you would do at a private appointment. 

I wanted to do a dragon this way for a long time. Last year I did one that was gray/silver. You can see it here: It was not as dramatic as I had hoped and I really wanted to make the look of glowing eyes. 

It was quite a process. I didn’t just sit down and whip it out (like I’ve seen the Wolfe brothers do.) I gathered and printed many pictures of dragons, studied different parts of them, sketched it out on paper, and sketched it out on my face first. I can’t say exactly how long it took, because I was taking my time just “watching” TV while doing it and took several “breaks” when I made myself something to eat, got the kids a drink of water, etc. I started sketching it out on my face at about 9:00 and started taking photos of it at about midnight. I joked on facebook that I sure hoped my kids didn’t wake up from a bad dream calling for mommy with me in that state! 

Dragons I printed up for reference

Sketch with pencil on paper

I honestly meant to take step by step photos but got so into the painting and everything else going on (like the TV shows I was watching) that I forgot to take any after the first one. But, here's the first one where I sketched out the shape on my face.
Sketched out on my face and filled in some white areas.  I knew the yellow would need white underneath.

Here's one before I took out the side horns and put in the pupils. In other words, it was the first time I thought I was done.