Thursday, October 17, 2013

Locally Available SAFE Face Paints

Locally available SAFE face paints on the Central Coast of California (San Luis Obispo County and Santa Maria)

Snazaroo face paints are high quality water activated face and body paints. The company that makes them emphasizes quality and safety. They are probably the least likely brand to cause any kind of allergic reaction. They are very easy to wash off, but their colors aren’t as vibrant or opaque as some other professional brands. Also, their colors tend to become a little dull or "powdery" looking once dried. It is very easy to blend colors and easy to get good details. Some people find it difficult to get a good base coverage for all over the face with this brand. There is no perfume in their face paints. They are available in small kits (as pictured) that include the paint, a sponge, a brush, and a book filled with example designs and are available in mini-kits and larger volume single colors. The kits are available at Michael's Crafts and may be available at Beverly's and/or JoAnn's.

Tulip Body Art
Tulip Body Art makes safe water activated face and body paints. They are easy to wash off with soap and water however, I have heard many reviews stating that many of the colors stain skin very badly. They come in kits and larger volume single colors. They are available at Michael's and JoAnn's and may be available at Beverly's.
Wofe FX
This is probably the best brand available to the general public. Unfortunately, I only know of one way to get it on the Central Coast. That is to buy the small pallet that comes with the Klutz book called Face Painting. You can find it in the craft book section at your local craft stores. I know that Michael's carries it. Since it is part of a book, that makes it more expensive if you just want the paint. Look for the book pictured here.

Wolfe FX is a professional face and body paint that is wax based instead of glycerine based like Tulip and Snazaroo. That means it has very vibrant colors, it is great for details, and one color does not bleed into another. It also means that it is a bit more difficult to blend colors than the others. I highly recommend this brand.

There are many cheap alternatives out there that are actually labeled as "face paint" or "Halloween Make-up" that I recommend avoiding. First, if you ever see Palmer brand face paints avoid them. They have a reputation for causing bad skin reactions and for being incredibly hard to apply. I have found a similar type of "face paint" at Walmart made by Kids Craft. I do not know about safety, but feel free to read the terrible reviews here:

Halloween novelty paints are not recommended for fun everyday or special event face painting. This is the kind of make-up you see packaged for Halloween for very little money at stores like Walmart, Kmart, Target, etc. It is usually safe to use on skin and resists sweating, however, this type of make-up contains ingredients such as mineral oil and petroleum. That means it is likely to cause acne break outs if you are at all prone to them. The colors go on smooth and creamy with no water necessary. They will never dry completely because of the oil base so they can smear at any time after they are applied. The colors are not nearly as brilliant, vibrant, and opaque as water activated face paints. It is very difficult to get details with this type of make-up.

Never use craft acrylics, poster paints, tempura paints, or any other product that is not specifically labeled as safe to use on skin. For more information on face paint safety see my website here:

If you are interested in buying professional face paint on-line please contact me for information. I would be happy to help! I know that not everyone can afford to hire a professional face painter for parties and fund raisers, so I am happy to help make sure the kids (and adults) out there are getting safe products!

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